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TrimBody M.D. is the leading weight loss and anti-aging therapy center in Las Vegas, NV. We offer testosterone therapy and medically supervised weight loss services to help you look better, feel better, and live longer.

It is good that you have decided to make a change in your life by aiming to lose weight. Enrolling in a weight loss program is your first step towards happy and healthy life. When you work with TrimBody M.D., you’d be challenged to achieve your personal weight loss goals and our team of experts are here to support you at every step of the way.

Although losing weight is easier said than done, but the weight loss program at our center includes an initially comprehensive consultation to ensure you are able to achieve your goals. It includes extensive details about your complete medical history, BMI calculations and a physical examination. Our medical weight loss program in Las Vegas is available for those that have tried other methods and are looking for a sure-shot way to melt away the pounds successfully. We not only help people lose the extra weight but ensure that they are motivated to follow the steps for weight management, after the weight loss program is completed.


Personalized Weight Loss Program

By joining our successful weight loss program in Las Vegas, you take the first steps towards changing your life and integrating a healthier lifestyle. At TrimBody M.D., we know that being overweight might not cause discomfort but you put your heath to risk in the long run. We work with you to ensure that you get a proper body weight and mitigate the health risks.

However, binge eating and then starving your body or going on yo-yo diets can actually be detrimental to your health. Not only do you gain weight but the trying to lose it can be even more difficult. That is why we do not have standard weight loss programs but ensure that in collaboration with a nutritionist, doctors and other health care professionals, a proper diet and exercise regimen is formulated.

As each individual is different, our expert team takes into consideration your individual requirements to develop a customized weight loss plan at weight loss centers in Las Vegas. Usually, weight loss programs have standardized diets and exercise regimens that do not help everyone and have little or no long-term effect. While the experts TrimBody M.D. will take into account your current medical conditions, weight loss goals and build a plan that helps you lose weight effectively with long lasting effect.


Unique Weight Loss Plans

Our weight loss program is scientifically proven and has a high success rate. That is because at TrimBody M.D., we address the issues behind your inability to lose weight and address those specific issues, on an individual basis. We provide you with a comprehensive program that includes freshly cooked meals, medical support and weekly checks to ensure you stay focused on your goals. After you finish the program, you won’t need to go on a weight loss diet in Las Vegas again because we’ll provide you with the right tools to manage your weight loss and stay healthy.


HCG Weight loss

We utilize HCG diet program as a means of effective weight loss strategy. We combine HCG diet with other support tools, under medical supervision of our doctors. You will be given all the information that you need before starting on the medically supervised program. There is a pre-planned 500-calorie daily diet for a fixed period that has to be followed for best results. When you enroll in the HCG weight loss program, you’ll be provided with:


  • Medical examination and follow- up with a doctor
  • Complete InBody analysis
  • Weekly weight checks and meeting with your weight loss expert
  • Daily support
  • HCG injections by a doctor


Constant Support, Monitoring and Checks

We have weekly weight checks and meeting with your weight loss coach to ensure that your weekly goals are achieved and support provided where needed. Our medical experts will review your BMI and nutritional diet charts to review for the next week. These status checks are done to offer encouragement and help identify any issues that are obstructing your weight loss success.

At TrimBody M.D., our Las Vegas weight loss team supports individuals to reach their weight loss goals and ensure that it stays off permanently. We support your weight loss journey with another program that includes:

B12 Vitamin Shots: These are given directly into the muscles as it provides better absorption. B12 Vitamin shots kick-start the metabolism and enhance weight loss apart from providing boost of energy. It helps fight depression and stress that are related to your weight gain in the past. The Super Shot Program includes shots of B12 vitamin that supplements heart health and improves immunity.


Super Shot Program

TrimBody M.D.’s Super Shot Program offers an initial medical evaluation by a doctor and 3 weekly shots with weekly monitoring of your health. Not only will it accelerate weight loss but provides you with boosts of energy. We will check weekly progress and analyse the data based on which the next steps are planned. Our Super Shot Program enhances all weight loss programs and includes:


  • Initial Examination
  • ALA Shots (1 per week)
  • B12 Vitamin Shots (1 per week)
  • Vitamin D Shots (1 per week)
  • Fitness and Meal Plan
  • Weekly Vital checks

We take care that you stay healthy while losing weight, and that is why it is all done under medical supervision. Our support is there as you take charge over your weight loss journey and achieve your goals.

Call us today at (702) 489-3300 to know more about our weight loss program. Let us help you on the journey to lose weight effectively and get the tools to maintain the weight loss in Las Vegas.


Weight Loss

Our comprehensive weight loss programs help you lose weight safely and quickly. We are able to sculpt the body you always wanted without spending hours upon hours in the gym. TrimBody M.D provides all the necessary tools to ensure your success


Our physicians are medical experts in the diagnosis and treatment of Low T. TrimBody M.D. is not just for young men; it is a clinically advanced program for all men dealing with the debilitating effects of Low T, no matter what their age.

Hormone Therapy

Hormonal imbalances can sneak up on you. TrimBody M.D. provides a safe effective way to treat hormonal imbalances. Hormones help control things like growth, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction and even mood.

Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening

Fibroblast Plasma is a non-invasive procedure which tightens, tones and lifts skin by harnessing the natural regenerative abilities of our cells. Fibroblast create new collagen and elastin matrix - resulting in improved tone, texture and appearance.


TrimBody M.D. offers minimally-invasive Botox, Xeomin, Juvederm and Restylane to give you the face you’ve always wanted with little to no recovery time.

Laser treatments

TrimBody MD laser technology is proven to help patients manage a variety of skin conditions. Whether you are seeking treatment for skin rejuvenation or skin tightening, our TrimBody Laser provides a non-invasive. solution

Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal is the most effective hair removal system available today. Safe, virtually painless and fast, TrimBody M.D. uses GentleMax Pro laser hair removal technology to achieve the superior results desired by men and women for all areas of the body.


The secret to a beautiful complexion is healthy-looking skin. Trim Body MD offers a variety of facials, each treatment is tailored in order to meet your unique concerns and goals for healthier skin.

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