Holiday Diet Tips

Holidays and parties are much more than food and drinks. They are a time to delight in traditions and enjoy the company of family and friends. If you keep the focus on the spirit of the season and heed the advice of your coaches, you’ll most likely get through the holidays without cheating or compromising the program.

You can have turkey, white or dark meat; just remember to trim off the skin. You can make wonderful gravy with Ideal Protein cream of chicken soup.

Have Holiday Ideal Protein recipes readily available. Example: mashed cauliflower, vegetable and mushroom stuffing with Ideal Protein oatmeal, green bean casserole and delicious gravy made with Ideal Protein soups.

Do not go to a party or social event unprepared; always have an Ideal Protein packet with you.

Always bring a dish or two that is on the program in case there is nothing you can have at the event or party.

Wear snug clothes to the party and keep busy. When you wear snug-fitting clothes, chances are you’ll be too busy holding in your stomach to overeat. Also hold a water or club soda in your dominant hand so it won’t be easy to grab appetizers or chips.

Chew a piece of gum (sugar/carb free). This stops you from snacking while cooking and helps to avoid desserts.

Do not skip meals. Always eat on plan the day of party or event. People who skip meals to save up calories and carbs tend to overdo it at the party. Have an Ideal Protein snack before party so as not to be tempted with “bad” foods.

Add fun and games. Take the focus off the food and get family and friends more active during holiday parties. Pictionary, horseshoes, charades, WII games or building a snowman could take the place of lounging and snacking.

Don’t feel left out at a cocktail party; put your Ideal Protein Pina Colada or Mango drink in a cocktail glass!