9 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast


Maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy. People currently have access to more empty-calorie foods and convenience meals than ever before. Learning how to feed yourself right, shop healthy and establish a feasible and enjoyable exercise plan might seem challenging, but it is definitely worthwhile. With the ten tips that follow you can look and feel younger, drop pounds and gain higher levels of energy. Making the decision to take good care of yourself today will help you to enjoy a much higher quality of life overall, both now and in the future.

1. Take 10,000 Steps

One of the latest “fads” to take the weight loss scene by storm is a commitment to walking no fewer than 10,000 steps per day. Although this might seem like something new, this is actually the worldwide standard for a sufficient amount of daily exercise and has been for quite some time now. Depending upon the length of your stride, this is actually about 4.5 miles per day and you can complete your 10,000 steps by walking to work, choosing to take the stairs rather than the elevator, walking on your lunch break and vacuuming your home. Simply wear a pedometer throughout the day and don’t stop moving until you meet your quota.

2. Eliminate Processed Foods

Toss out any boxes of seasoned rice mixes, canned soups, gravy packets and macaroni and cheese boxes that are hiding in your pantry. Better yet, bag these up and send them to the local food bank. Rather than relying on foods that have already be prepared for you, focus instead on eating fresh, healthy fare. If you like rice pilaf, steam your own rice and flavor it with an array of sauteed herbs and vegetables. Fill your plate with steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes, beans, nuts, low-fat dairy and lean meat. You can use these things to build your own savory and flavorful recipes. If it isn’t worth making on your own, it isn’t worth eating.

3. Add A Dash Of Cayenne To Your Meals

Spice up your meals with a bit of cayenne pepper from time to time. This ground red pepper will give your metabolism a considerable boost. In fact, some people believe that a single teaspoon of this spice can have the same impact on your body as a moderate, twenty-minute workout. Toss it in your soups and sprinkle it on your salads. You can also add it to a tall glass of cold water with a slice of lemon. In addition to helping your body burn more fat faster, it will also instantly improve your circulation and regulate your blood pressure.

4. Drink Green Tea

Start drinking green tea in the morning rather than having a cup of coffee that is heavily laced with sugar and cream. Not only does an unsweetened cup of green tea have far fewer calories than a creamy cup of joe, but it can also rev up your metabolism. In fact, this is a great way to lose weight fast. After just one week of this trade off, you will look better and feel better as well. There is enough caffeine in green tea to prevent regular coffee drinkers from getting withdrawal headaches, but not so much that they will feel jittery.

5. Get Plenty Of Rest

One of the best ways to drop pounds is to make sure that you are getting good sleep and enough of it. The metabolism tends to slow down when the body is not getting adequate rest. People also tend to experience mood fluctuations that result in the excess production of cortisol, the stress hormone that will increase the likelihood of fat storage around the midsection. 8 hours per night is ideal for those who are trying to regulate their weight.

6. Use Strength Training To Boost Your Metabolism

Another great way to kick the metabolism into high gear is by adding a strength training element to your workout routine. The body will invariably need to burn more fat and calories in order to support any new muscle that you develop. This doesn’t meant that you have to bulk up by lifting massive amounts of weight. You can build long, lean muscle instead by doing yoga, Pilates, lunges, squats and other resistance-based, strength-building activities. This will speed up your weight loss and prevent age-related problems such as osteoporosis and ostearthritis by building and protecting bone density.

7. Treat Yourself

People break away from their exercise routines and altered eating plans, simply because they feel deprived. A good diet requires a lifelong commitment given that it should be able to provide lifelong results. If the idea of spending the rest of your life without dessert seems too much to bear, stop denying yourself and enjoy a sumptuous treat. Indulge in frozen yogurt, fruit sorbet of fresh fruit topped with whipped cream. Remember that eating good doesn’t have to taste bad and that you should go out of your way to find tempting combinations that will please your palate while helping you to trim your waistline.

8. Stop Skipping Meals

Make sure that you are always eating regular meals. This is essential for maintaining a healthy and robust metabolism. Keep grilled chicken breast and chopped vegetables stored in the refrigerator for dashing together a healthy salad. Snack on fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and other healthful fare throughout the day. Losing weight is not about starving yourself. It is instead a process of learning which foods to eat and how to moderate your portions. If your body starts feeling deprived, it will act deprived. Thus, it is always best to nourish yourself properly. You will be able to enjoy balanced moods, higher energy levels and far more success in your weight loss efforts.

9. Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Give yourself credit for your hard work. Avoid looking at the scale too soon or too often. It is far better to count the number of days that you remain committed to a healthy and active lifestyle, rather than watching for the pounds to melt away. This will take the pressure off of you to immediately succeed. Although you might want to lose weight fast, this is going to be a gradual effort and you will be most successful when you remain consistent and diligently committed to your plan of action without letting yourself grow discouraged. After each week or month of commitment, give yourself a special reward. This can be spa day, a new outfit or new workout equipment. You efforts to celebrate your new lifestyle will help you to remain committed to it.

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