Paleo Winter Squash and Beef Stew

Paleo Winter Squash Recipe

Paleo Winter Squash and Beef Stew


1 – 2 lbs of beef stew meat
1 butternut squash, cut into ½” cubes {makes ~6 cups}
1 Tbs grass-fed butter {sub w/ghee, evco, or lard}
1 large lemon, juiced
1 sprig fresh thyme
1 sprig fresh rosemary
5 cups homemade or low-sodium beef or chicken broth
1 Tbs + 2 pinches kosher salt
cracked black pepper to taste
2 Tbs curly parsley, finely chopped {optional}


Season the beef chunks with a few pinches of kosher salt and some black pepper. Melt and heat the butter in a large sauté pan then add the beef chunks. Let the brown undisturbed for a few minutes on one side, turn, then repeat. Remove from heat.
Add to your slow cooker: the cubed squash, browned meat, lemon juice, thyme, rosemary, broth, and salt. Let it cook for 6-8 hours on low. Be careful not to stir the stew so that the delicate squash cubes maintain their shape.
Discard the cooked herbs and plate ladles of the stew with a sprinkling of fresh chopped curly parsley.



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