How Vitamin B12 Deficiancy Harms The Body


Dr. Oz is talking about how vitamin B12 deficiency is a problem for a lot of people and we get natural headache cures that are Oz approved. Everyone knows that B12 gives you energy and some people regularly head to their doctor to get shots each month. Today’s show discusses why almost one third of us are deficient in this important vitamin and explores why our body doesn’t get enough of it.

David Katz and Kate Geagan join Oz and talk about how vitamin B12 not only gives us more energy, but how it also aids in DNA replication and cell regeneration. There are quite a lot of things that can cause our bodies to not absorb B12 from the food we eat. Too much or too little acid in our stomach was one shocker. I guess that means if you take some sort of antacid regularly you may not be getting the B12 you need from your food.

They give out way to help your body absorb B12 and offer alternatives to getting injections. Oz also gives us a little test we can take to see if we may be B12 deficient. Oz also has Dr. Keri Peterson on to talk about how we can treat our colds naturally. Finally, Oz has some great ways to naturally cure your headache and goes through the different types of headaches while offering the best way to stop it. The remedies include ginger, capsaicin cream, and a product called feverfew.

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